Quiromasaje terapéutico deportivo

Therapeutic-sports Chiromassage 

Manual therapy that consists of exerting pressure with the hands, reaching the different organs and tissues of the body, serving this to treat muscle and joint ailments.



Therapy that considers the person as a whole, body and mind. It acts on the structure of the body (locomotor system), to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore general health.



It is beneficial in all stages of life: pregnant women, babies, children, young people, adolescents and the elderly.

medicina natural

Natural Medicine

The aim is to strengthen the person inside and find out the causes that led to the disease to prevent it from reappearing. You can also treat the symptoms if they are very bothersome, but with natural remedies that do not poison the body.

refexologia podal

​Foot Reflexology/Hydrolymph

Prevention for different symptoms and ailments. It helps to achieve a physical and mental balance. It stimulates the bioenergetic function of the body, detoxifies and restores physical and emotional well-being.



It relieves pain, rejuvenates, eliminates toxins, enhances memory, strengthens intuition, releases repressed feelings, balances the body's energies, promotes natural self-healing, adjusts to the needs of the recipient and treats the symptoms and causes of the disease.



​Essential oils have antiseptic and antiparasitic properties, a high healing power and stimulate cell regeneration. Additionally, they can be used to relax, regain energy, lift your mood, and restore internal balance.


Crystal therapy

Technique that seeks to channel and harmonize energy to obtain a positive effect against a health problem or illness. Each of the stones has characteristics that relate it to an area of ​​the body.



•Elimination of cellulite, fat and fluid
•Circulatory problems
•Rheumatic, joint and muscular pains
•Hair loss
•Facial rejuvenation

dietas y nutricion

Diets and nutrition

​Tips to improve eating habits and a balanced diet to suit you.

depilación por láser diodo

Diode laser hair removal